Regardless of industry and business, there is fierce competition for customers and businesses. At the CEO and the sales manager's table, the responsibility rests on constantly delivering growth and profitability. Maintaining and strengthening competitiveness requires constant improvements and today the choices are both many and complex. The ability to take a holistic perspective and make the right priorities become crucial. Support and documentation for the analysis are provided through market information, own customer surveys and a number of internal performance reports. But how do you make a diagnosis on the internal sales culture? Should it not be included when the overall perspective is taken into account and development projects are planned and decided?

The Sales Culture Analysis Tool is designed with the purpose of providing decision makers with a qualitative basis for decision making for strategic business planning. The analysis gives a clear picture of the organization's ability to deliver customer value. It gives the management team a consensus on which focus and which priorities and investments are required to take the organization to the next level and achieve the goals. It gives the forecasting work an additional dimension by supporting the performance targets with the basis for decision making for a concrete action plan.

The Sales Culture Analysis Tool gives you a current picture of how much value the organization creates towards its customers. It gives a clear picture of the organisation's strengths and development potential, as well as the company's overall ability and potential to succeed. The result will be a qualitative basis for the company's business planning.

The Sales Culture Survey is a web-based survey tool with 50 questions in nine sub-areas. The information is compiled in a report to the management team and during a workshop, the result and its meaning are processed and discussed with the aim of creating a consensus on the current situation and action plan.


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