Our customers want to be among the prime in their industry. That's why we work with the top sales instructors. What our consultants have in common is that they have worked operationally with sales and sales management, they have a good educational background and also the ability to teach "The Inner Game of Sales". We often hear that our instructors are distinguished by their great commitment and focus on creating lasting results for our customers.


THE WILL TO DEVELOP AND CREATE RESULTS has been a strong driving force for Marinette throughout her life, which has marked her career. This drive combined with a never-ending human interest has meant that she has been able to help organizations and individuals to achieve very good leadership and sales success for more than 25 years.
Through her own practical experience, she has acquired the right knowledge about what is required to succeed. Through roles as a salesman, sales manager and CEO, she has personally worked actively with sales and sales development issues. By doing so, she has also gained solid insight into how to create results in both ups and downs. Furthermore, in the role of consultant, educator and coach she has received an excellent education in the art of teaching, as she has trained her pedagogical ability to get organizations and individuals to move out of their comfort zone.

She has worked with sales "hand on" and also at the top management level. She has coached both managers and employees, both within the corporate and private side. Overall, these experiences mean that Marinette has a solid foundation to rest upon, with a safe, human and result-oriented hand, she helps people and businesses achieve success. She also continuously keeps her own development going by further education in pedagogy, rhetoric and communication.


TO LURE hidden potential is what Ola does best. After his degree in business economics, Ola worked as a manager for many years and became fascinated by why different organizations got so different results. What caused some organizations and individuals to flourish during change and perceived stress, while other organizations almost went under? Ola shows how you as an individual, manager or employee can become more motivated and inspired instead of getting caught up in stress, inefficiency and conflicts.

Ola gives you concrete tools that allow you to handle different events and perform without experiencing stress and pressure. He has studied why we humans behave as we do for over 20 years and every year he attends various courses, workshops and lectures in personal development and entrepreneurship among the best educators in each area. During his time as a manager, Ola also learned to work with analyzes such as "Sales Call Reluctance - contact and sales barriers" and DISC.


MARTIN ORIGINALLY COMES FROM Karlskrona where he grew up emerged into sports, but he has over the years found the passion in sales and leadership. Martin is passionate about entrepreneurship and for developing individuals and organizations. Getting individuals to challenge themselves and change their behavior is one of several ways Martin creates results. For almost 20 years, Martin has worked on developing sales in the companies he has started and built up and then both in the role of manager, consultant and as an entrepreneur. Martin is used to driving development and streamlining work in an organization, and he has the ability to structure and identify what is most important to prioritize right now. Has great social skills, analytical skills and a clear sense of how to lead. His ability to handle the challenge of change processes and to create involvement with individuals has been important elements in his work both as a leader and as a consultant.


MARCUS has worked with sales since the late 90's and has trained and instructed leaders and salesmen since 2006. During his more than twenty business years, he has accumulated extensive experience of sales through roles as both salesman and sales manager in telecom, electronics and the wellness industry. The professional experience from sales in combination with his pedagogical competence as a sales trainer and coach, makes him both credible and relevant, which is a good platform for learning and lasting results.


KARIN KLERFELT is an experienced lecturer and educator within the entire business process. She is an expert on selling argumentation, negotiation and pricing strategy. She has helped thousands of managers, employees and entrepreneurs to become better businessmen/women and increase the revenue for their companies. Karin is a true entrepreneur and has over the years driven a number of companies. This has meant that she has concentrated her professional knowledge on how to make good and profitable business. For all parties.

Karin is a frequently hired lecturer and educator, with her special glow and twinkle in her eye, she shares her 26 years of knowledge of how to become a star in doing business. Karin's assignment are lined with recognizable smiles and concrete examples. Karin has broad experience from many industries and can quickly familiarize herself with the customer's reality.


BENGT GEJROT is a Writer and Consultant who has taught in more than 30 countries on five continents. Many years of experience and great knowledge in sales and successful development concepts.
Bengt has about 30 years of experience of successful businesses and 15 years of leadership experience for example within Poolia and High Performance Solutions. Bengt has an MBA from Washington State University and can complete his English-language trainings at a high pace and energy.


WITH HER 15 years as manager and leader in the transport, staffing and kitchen interior design industry, Lena has solid experience of sales and business development. She works long-term and collaborates closely with her customers to find the best development methods for each organization. The efforts are always adapted to the customer's conditions to achieve the best possible results. Lena is a committed and solution-oriented consultant who easily motivates and creates results.

Lena often gets appreciation for clear and straight communication, consistent leadership and the ability to organize and create drive while listening to and seeing the individual.


EARLY IN LIFE it was clear to Mikael that he wanted to make an impression and a difference, initially through the sport where he won 2 Swedish Masters gold medals in basketball and won 2 Nordic Championships in Brazilian Jiujitsu.
Sales then became a passion that in many ways is reminiscent of sport with clear results that you can influence yourself, the joy of profit and the frustration when you do not succeed all the way forward.

Mikael has accumulated extensive experience of sales through roles as a sales person, Key Account and sales manager during his 20 years of business. The professional experience from sales combined with his pedagogical competence as a sales trainer, coach, mental trainer and conversation therapist make him both credible and relevant, which is a good platform for learning and lasting results.

Mikael has had the privilege of working with both teams and individuals on their journey towards both SM and World Cup gold. He has trained and coached 100s of salespeople and sales managers who want to achieve new results as well as consultants and technicians who need to strengthen their business acumen.

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