Most sales organizations want to invest in their staff and are positive about education, but feel uncertain about what the investment gives in return. And rightly so, since the researchers agree that 80% of all education efforts are wasted money. A challenge many face is to know exactly what the team and the individual needs to develop in order to succeed better. Lack of knowledge often results in misguided point efforts instead of a successful strategic transfer of skills.

From belief to knowing. Those who succeed and those who miss the goal have one thing in common; they find it difficult to pinpoint why. We measure both the individual's and the group's overall level of knowledge divided by their main key tasks. Every individual and group should know exactly what they are doing well, where their development potential exists and how they can improve. With us you go from believing to knowing.

COMPASS POINT® is a unique competency inventory app designed to measure sales competence based on the company's sales process. Thanks to the inventory, the level of knowledge becomes clear and measurable for the individual, the team and the organization in general. When the level of competence becomes measurable, the organization can plan strategic skills transfers, measure the outcome of training efforts and at the team and individual level, coach, share and train where there is a need and make a difference.

COMPASS POINT® is a 180 degree feedback tool with 40 competence claims based on the team's sales process. The seller and the sales manager estimate themselves and receive feedback from the manager and colleagues, which gives a current picture of the individual’s and the team’s overall level of competence. The claims and queries are adapted for maximum relevance. The analysis takes place in three steps. 1. Adaptation. 2. Measurement via the app. 3. Reporting in workshop.

The app is downloaded for free via the App Store or Google Play, and the estimate can then be made when and where it suits the individual best. Answering the claims takes about 15 minutes per person. In the workshop we go through the outcome with the client with the aim of creating clarity regarding the results and the action plan for continued development.

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